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"Welcome to your Life Experience!”

LQ – Life (Experience) Quotient
A meter of the Life Experience Quotient
within your reach!

The LQ-quest is…
… for the candidate, a compelling and original asset on his/her ‘CV’.
… for the company, an innovative assessment instrument.
Your ‘CV’ is important,
your life experience too!

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We start with the certainty that human intelligence also develops based on everyday stimuli.
"Existential intelligence" is a reality!

We knew that the individual's life experiences foster the search for solutions and reduce uncertainty. That memories are lessons, successes are to be repeated and failures to be avoided or corrected.

But, despite the fact that life experience has always been recognised and valued, the quotient of each candidate was not included in their 'CV’...

... simply because until the application of LQ–quest
nobody quantified in such a simple and functional way the episodes that marked the personality of each person.

The truth is that the
Life (Experience) Quotient/LQ–quest was missing!
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The LQSymbol*-quest (survey and report), is set up to ensure the complete confidentiality of the respondent by ensuring the subject is not identified and unidentifiable.