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LQ–quest at Web Summit 2018!

The LQ–quest Project will integrate the set of Portuguese 'Startups' to be presented in the ALPHA Program. It is a group of Portuguese companies considered to have the most potential - "the very best/most promising startups".
5-8 November, in Lisbon.
Public presentation of LQ–quest

O LQ–quest was publicly presented for the first time at Minho/Braga University, on 2 May.
The event, organised by the Institute of Social Sciences and the School of Sociology, also involved the schools of Economics and Management.
The title of the speech by Dr. Sérgio Lorré was "The Quantification of the Life Experience"
LQ–quest in different languages
The LQ–quest questionnaire is available in Portuguese, English and German.
Conferences about the LQ–quest Concept
Does your company, college or institution want to know more about the Concept?
Contact us to schedule a talk on the topic, addressed to your group.
Reports in English
The LQ–quest reports, so-called ‘Report on quest”, are exclusively generated in ENGLISH. This is for reasons of standardisation of the components (terminology applied in quotients, indicators, others) and so that the Report on Quest can be understood at international level.