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Why did LQ–quest come about?
The candidate's ‘CV’ describes his/her career and professional skills, BUT the candidate, a human being, is much more than the sum of his/her professional activities. His/her background, life experiences, have provided opportunities that can enhance particular qualities.

The candidate's personality results from the combination of various aspects of intelligence developed from unique life experiences.

LQ–quest translates the quotient of life experience, also called "Life Intelligence" according to the researcher Sérgio Lorré (2006), completing the triangle:

How do you get a LQ-quest prognosis?

By answering a questionnaire, divided into four groups of questions grouped in the areas: Social Integration and Family; Health and Education; Non-Professional Activities and Professional Skills.
The results are obtained in a secure way which makes them absolutely confidential!

What are the thematic areas and indicators that LQ–quest includes?

The four groups of questions cover 63 topics.
The survey questions mark 27 profile indicators, 33 'vertexes' and 19 alerts, and cover specific objectives.

They include various types of personal and group experiences, ranging from basic or cultural education to family behaviour, from coordinated work to creative self-realisation, from hobbies to sports, meaning that each significant step in the candidate's life, his/her life experience, is considered and contributes to the profile.

What kind of results can we get from LQ–quest?

A final report on the candidate will process the information as follows:

First, the candidate will receive a rating in relation to their overall life experience (OLE), and also in relative/appropriate terms to their age (APE).

Secondly, their life experience is broken down by sector, with a score assigned to each of the four sectors. This will establish their experience of sectoral life. Third, a table will indicate the degree of life experience distributed over the 63 topics.

Finally, we will also identify several of the 27 social markers (or profile indicators) that will outline some of the most relevant qualities of the candidate, the strongest being translated into "vertexes", and the weakest or non-responses into "holes" and/or "alerts".